7 key questions for a crane manufacturer of XXI century

1- GH builds lighter cranes while keeping the same performance.

Lighter | Smaller runway beams and less building materials | Savings

In the latest GH low headroom hoists we´ve removed the counterweight, by adding a sprung roller made of cutting-edge materials which supports the hoist´s weight when it is unloaded.

GH has developed an innovative hoist: lighter than our competitors´, but equally robust. As a result, the runway beams are smaller, less building materials are needed and money is saved.

2- GH builds more compact cranes so as to build lower halls.

Better use of the vertical space | Lower industrial buildings | Savings

GH Cranes make better use of the vertical space for three reasons:

  1. We´ve reduced hook´s lost height.
  2. We´ve optimised the girder´s size.
  3. We´ve substituted the railway style rails with square bar rails.

Nowadays, we offer the standard double-girder hoist with the smallest headroom in the market.

GH Cranes & Components allows you to make better use of the vertical space both in single-girder and double-girder cranes, so you´ll need less height in your plant and you´ll save up in building materials and heating.

3- GH improves hook side approaches to enable narrower buildings.

Smaller lost distance | Narrower halls | Savings

We´ve optimised the hook´s side approach in the new GH hoist so that it can get as close to the walls as possible.

He can build narrower plants and save in heating.

Since the side reaches are better there´s less wasted room.

GH Cranes & Components has optimised the side reaches of all its hoist up to 12.5 t so that customers can save up in building materials and heating.

4- GH offers more productivity for the same price.

Lifting frecuency inverter is standard | 60% speed when unloaded. Optimized precission | 25% productivity increase per cycle

We´ve been the first to introduce a frequency inverter as standard. With that we increase speed when unloaded up to 60% and we improve precision.

Moreover, GH´s standard cross and long travel speeds are faster than the ones offered by our competitors.

The lifting speed for loads equal or higher than 25% is similar to other brands. But GH´s cross and long travel speeds are higher in all cases.

To sum up, we´ve added a frequency inverter in lifting to increase productivity and enable you to do more business.

5- GH includes a set of systems to ensure a safe use and extend the life of machines.

Prevent problems | Increase cranes´s lifespan | Reduce costs

Our cranes are equipped with a frequency inverter in lifting and also an electromagnetic brake only for emergency braking and parking.

An extra safety position for the lifting limit switch.

The load limiter integrated in Corebox unit and with a smaller use of brake pads.

This way, GH customers have cranes with an extended lifespan.

GH Cranes & Components includes a set of safety systems which prevent problems and save up costs.

6- GH machines include standard intelligence systems as standard.

We save up in costs | Bigger productivity | We live happier

Our cranes include as standard, an intelligent control unit designed to our requirements with no match in the market.


It performs register, connectivity, operative and safety tasks.

This way, the customer can always be sure about the crane´s status in real time and he can plan maintenance in advance.

Therefore, productivity increases and costs decrease.

Moreover, he´ll be preventing breakdowns, accidents and non-programmed stops.

To sum up, cranes equipped with a COREBOX feature an intelligent system to reduce costs, increase productivity and generate happiness.

7- GH includes elements which are easy-to-find anywhere in the world.

Standard product | Wide array of choices | Competitive prices and saving in spare parts

In GH, we stand out for innovation, technology and for making our cranes with standardized components and accessories.

This way, GH customers are free and they have many options to choose from, they can compare prices and save.

They don´t depend on GH for every spare part, and they can confirm that GH has really competitive prices and our own spare parts are sold at very reasonable prices.

For this reason, with GH, the customers spend much less in spare parts during the crane´s lifespan.