Automotive gantry crane / Automotive marine gantries

Automotive marine gantries

These cranes are studied, designed and built especially for marine maintenance work and resistant to corrosive environments.

GH automotive gantry cranes are available from 22ton to 500 ton as standard. With the features and benefits provided by this type of machine, it can be adapted to different industries that require lifting and moving loads in open spaces.

This innovative equipment have been developed for industrial applications, and with remarkable autonomy in the movement of heavy loads.

Automotive marine gantries from 22 ton. to 500 ton.

There are 3 types of model:

  • Light: GH-25, GH-35, GH-50, GH-70 and GH-82.
  • Medium: GH-110, GH-165, GH-220 and GH-275.
  • Heavy: GH-330, GH-440, GH-500 and GH-550.


Lifting capacity

Lifting capacity

22 tn - 500 tn

Height and width

Height and width


Steering modes

Steering modes

4 steering modes



The GH self-propelled gantry is designed to optimise movement and manoeuvrability and make the most of your taxiway, no matter how complicated the task, and place the boats where you need them at the required speed.

Wide range of customisable models: It fully adapts to the versatility of your fleet.

4 types of rotation available: Completely adjust your turning radius with the utmost precision and smoothness.

Double speed for lifting: Maintains effective and constant performance.

Remote control with fore and aft and overall weighing display: The user interface allows operators to monitor lifting and moving operations with all the control and precision they need.

Automotive marine gantries


We design and manufacture automotive gantry cranes that allow you to move different types of vessel in difficult marine environments while maintaining the same standards of effectiveness for years.

Robust structure: Designed to be used continuously in the most demanding conditions, maintaining maximum operability throughout its life cycle.

Components from the main brands: Our gantry uses the highest quality components from the top manufacturing brands.

Easy maintenance: We believe that maintenance is a key factor to guarantee the useful life of our gantry. We therefore guarantee easy access to key components and have other supporting systems such as jibs to disassemble parts.

Automotive marine gantries


For GH, safety is not an extra, it is at the heart of everything we do. That is why we always go a step further to guarantee the safety of our customers and products.

Safety features: These include walkways, stairs and lifelines that help in maintenance work.

Soundproofing of the assembly: This reduces noise levels and acoustic interference.

Emergency stop push-buttons on all legs: In any emergency situation, the worker can stop the machine from any position.

Remote control reset button: The remote control of the machine will be established once this is pressed.

Anti-puncture safety devices:
- Solid tyres (optional): These are filled with a specific polyurethane mixture that cures on the inside, which in turn increases the load capacity they support by 15%.
- Rim supports: If a tyre is punctured, these prevent loss of equilibrium.

Automotive marine gantries


Marine environments are highly demanding. Our solutions are specifically designed to offer the best results in the most extreme conditions, whatever they may be.

Anti-corrosion paints: Coatings that comply with the UNE-EN-ISO 12944 standard are classified C4 (our standard) and C5 M (optional for the most demanding environments) to reduce corrosion and increase useful life.

Air conditioning: Air-conditioned cabs (optional), adapted to the required climate.

Adjustable sling: Adjusts to different depths to maintain the balance when lifting the load. Two configurations: endless or central split (optional).

Amphibious gantry cranes: To lift boats directly from the water by means of an access ramp. The structure in direct contact with the sea is galvanised and the motors and parts susceptible to being damaged by water are sealed.

Low consumption, because of our commitment to the environment:
- Diesel engines with acceleration: delivering the power necessary at all times.
- LED lights: 50 W power providing 4000 lm of light and ≤ 3300K.

Automotive marine gantries


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