GH crane and hoist manufacturer.GH presents its Intelligent Crane



GH presents its Intelligent Crane

GH presents its Intelligent Crane


The stand includes two different spaces:

  • A space showing the new product range (specially the new generation hoist GHD13), optimised to improve productivity, increase safety and machines’ lifespan and generate savings in the construction and maintenance of factories.
  • A technological space, which evinces the determined commitment of GH to make progress towards industry 4.0, the world of the smart crane: innovations based on information technologies, intelligent cranes capable of self-diagnosis, machines capable of communicating with other machines, and also with people, in an interactive and immediate way.
  • GH wants to achieve worldwide recognition in service capacity for its customers. Therefore, our new mechanisms include cutting-edge technologies. Like our new intelligent control unit, unique in the market and included in every GH product. It has data-logging, connectivity, operational and safety functions, enabling GH customers to know the status of the machine in real time and easing the planing of maintenance.
GH presents its Intelligent Crane


The main goal of GH at the fair is to present our strategy for the next years: make the lifting systems world progress. And our customers with it.

It is the GH commitment.

GH: Lifting your world.

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