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Highly demanding, better quality.

The products that GH Cranes & Components offers to all sectors have been designed to offer our clients maximum performance at the lowest possible cost. We use the principles of reliability, safety, durability, price and minimal maintenance as our basis.


We guarantee the quality of our products and processes.

The growing demands of our clients have led us to develop dynamic improvements.

  • Design and manufacturing based on IEC, FEM, DIN and EN standards.
  • Profitability and safety.
  • A ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified Company.
  • A company associated with AEM - FEM.


We count on a qualified design team with years of service experience.

We apply specific solutions to the needs of our clients.

GH Cranes & Components is the market leader in manufacturing special equipment.


GH Cranes & Components

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GH Cranes & Components
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